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> Howard, after rereading this article I had an idea. Wouldn't it be to the 
> advantage of the government to relax the red tape forbidding DR's to prescribe 
> methadone for addiction in a disaster zone? I mean, you can treat the 
> problem or deal with the sick addicts when they get tired of withdrawing. Do the 
> clinics have any kind of a plan for disaster? My guess is not for more than a 
> couple of days. You could give them emergency take homes but I think the limit 
> is 5 and that is just the addicts on methadone, what about the others? I 
> think that any DR who prescribes opiates has the moral obligation to stay 
> abreast with how addiction affects his/her patient, and should in a perfect world 
> help said addict when he/she becomes sick from the drugs they are taking or 
> cannot get. Sympathetic DR's are the only answer that I can see helping these 
> people during any kind of disaster. I don't think Uncle Sam ever had a jones 
> going so I doubt that anything will ever get done, but we can hope.        
> Randy     PS I wonder what happened to all the opium the feds were hoarding 
> during the 50's and 60's to use when the big nuke war was looming over us? The 
> mind reels at the possibilities.

Methadone clinics are supposed to have emergency plans.....good luck.   Look 
at the Fed response to Katrina and to the Fed response that has left cars 
without gas in Texas where persons are trying to escape Rita.   These matters 
should be a wakeup for the Fed, State and local disaster planning agencies.   The 
Iranians got their research group together in days.   The Feds should have 
known to have gas in place for evacuees in Texas but, that is not what is 
happening.   I think in a disaster we are all cooked.   Particularly, the 
economically deprived like myself.   All I can say is that if you are opioid dependent, 
it would be best to have an emergency dose of ibogaine. "In case of disaster 
open bottle and take!"


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