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Hi Ekki,


I think you are misreading me. I suggested it as a possibility for discussion and have been putting forward some positives I can see as part of that discussion. Yet I remain to be convinced myself as it goes against the grain for me. I prefer to be clean of as much as is possible.


Regarding my own use. I did about 3 mega dose sessions about 6 years ago, 180-250mg, and have not touched it since except this one time which I found helpful. I took what was supposedly 100mg but based on my recollection of what I had before it looked like less.


If there was a place for it such as 1 small dose per annum, I doubt that would present any dangers.


In any case here are some reports for anyone who’s interested:


Previous Human Experience: Controlled Clinical Trials and Pharmacology:


Neurotoxicity Research in  Humans:


Also, a more off-beat view:



In fact here is a whole list of reports:



BTW what do you consider the characteristics of a therapeutic dose to be? How would you describe them? What range do you believe they fall into and does it not depend on the person? Does weight have an effect? I would be interested in any answers you may have.


All the best,


ekki <ekkijdfg at gmx.de> wrote:
Am 22.09.2005 um 13:48 schrieb Lee Albert:
> What I am recommending here are low levels. I think its important to 
> read the studies before assigning so many dangers to its use.
Lee, could you point me to a study where low-dose MDMA has been used 
regularly? since you recommend it, how often did you take it yourself?

> The dose levels are different for everyone but I imagine a low dose 
> maybe around 100mg but don't quote me on that. I used street MDMA and 
> while I think it was quite pure it probably was not 100%.

a dose for a full trip of MDMA is 1-2mg/kg so 100mg is already a full 
trip. larger doses will not increase the xtc vibe but give you an 
amphetamine-like feeling. on the other hand very low doses will give 
not much effect at all. the therapeutic dose range is rather small.


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