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Luke Christoffersen luke.christoffersen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 14:48:52 EDT 2005

Hi Lee, Ekki,
 I would also be interested in what the does are. I know nothing about what
dose would have what effect. I was thinking about enought to ease defences
to allow some emotional outpour as part of a theraputic context. I tried E
recreationally for a while around 10 years ago, no idea how much was in
those pills though.

 On 9/21/05, ekki <ekkijdfg at gmx.de> wrote:
> Am 21.09.2005 um 11:32 schrieb Lee Albert:
> > Hi Luke,
> >
> > I know of one therapist inEuropewho gives a full on dose which
> > knocks you out to the next life but which comes with an amazing sense
> > of ones own truth. However, thats not what I had in mind.
> >
> > I think small doses to break down the armour rather than giving
> > 'major' full on insights is what I had in mind assuming that ibogaine
> > is actually giving you the insight you already need.
> > If that is not the case then maybe a full on MDMA session would be
> > something to consider.
> >
> > As for ongoing MDMA therapy on small doses I don't know of anybody
> > doing this but maybe you can go to the MAPS site. Actually I asked
> > there once about8 years ago and they told me it was illegal and
> > suggested I look at ibogaine which I had never heard of.
> >
> > Which brings me to ........
> >
> > Lee
> >
> -empties your depots of neurotransmitters like serotonine which
> afterwards can cause depressions as well as lack of concentration and
> it can take intensity out of your life in the long run
> -when you take it in short intervals it doesn´t work any more and
> causes a speedy feeling and confusion
> - it is an amphetamin derivate and has negative side effects on your
> body (drains minerals, dehydration, causes bad skin and teeth) and
> takes away energy afterwards. it´s certainly NOT healthy!
> - gives you a totally artifical bogus feeling of love for everyone and
> everything
> - in the long run it prevents you to develop those feelings without
> drugs
> - can become a bad habit
> having said that i made very good experiences with xtc in the mid-
> 90ties techno rave berlin. the first time it really opend me up and
> this feeling stayed with me for weeks no it actually never entirely
> ceased but the drug itself became boring soon.
> i wouldn´t recommend it in a "session" setting, it´s better to move
> around and hug each other. don´t take it alone but share the experience
> with others! it is important to be physically active and to drink a
> lot. that way you release the energy and emotions, you need less of the
> drug to get a good effect and you sweat out a lot of the poison so you
> feel better afterwards and don´t need long to recover. weed is good for
> chillout. i wouldn´t take it when having no weed around. actually i
> wouldn´t take xtc at all anymore.
> btw there was this case in switzerland where a woman died after being
> given IBO+MDMA together.
> personally i know people where MDMA caused psychosis, severe
> depression, failure at school and work, etc.
> Lee, when you talk of small and big doses, what dose ranges to you mean?
> ekki
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