[Ibogaine] ibogaine and the 'atypical antipsychotics' - MDMA Complementarity

Luke Christoffersen luke.christoffersen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 14:11:40 EDT 2005

Hi Lee,
 Does anybody do mdma therapy? I thought about it myself a few times.
  I found ghb also good for opening up the heart in the past.

 On 9/20/05, Lee Albert <myeboga at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
> Hi,
>  Something which occurs to me and I would like to put it out there is 
> this:
>  Ibogaine releases a lot of dark material and if we have difficulty in 
> emotional release a lot of unacknowledged anger etc can build up. We can 
> build up defenses to looking at the source and the nature of that anger. 
> This in turn can create a viscous circle where normal relationships cease to 
> function as we are blocked and put off at some level due to unacknowledged 
> anger which we do not release and also which we are unable to forgive - this 
> last part is vital to eventual healing imo.
>  This can mean that in the integration period we become blocked in moving 
> forward (if we have difficulty with emotional release) and by being 
> seperated from that which in fact we love at some level (because of anger), 
> we cut ourselves off on many levels from the type of human contact we need 
> for our well being due to projection of this anger. This then leads to self 
> hate and an acute sense of pain.
>  I am not saying this is your case. 
>  Anyway, it may be worth considering if one finds oneself in this position 
> a guided low dose session of MDMA or if you feel up to it and are 
> sufficiently conscious of where your blockages are, do it yourself.
>  Low dose MDMA can help you look at areas of anger etc and to see how 
> destructive they are and how you need to deal with them such as in a further 
> ibogaine session leading to eventual release and forgiveness. It also can 
> reconnect one to the sense of love etc which helps in moving forward in ones 
> resolution and perspective - it can take you out of a hole. This can quite 
> possibly imo lead to a breakthrough and in subsequent days emotional release 
> (work with an emotional therapist during this time if one is available) 
> where before there was stagnation and pain.
>  Right now I am not entirely sure of the suitability of MDMA in 
> conjunction with ibogaine. Its an idea which has only recently occured to me 
> due to my own experiences. However there may exist some form of 
> complementarity which can be of use and worth exploring. For example before 
> one comes to an ibogaine session is it worth using MDMA to open up the heart 
> a bit more?
>  Lee
> *slowone at hush.ai* wrote:
> Does anyone have experience or theoretical considerations with 
> regard to taking ibogaine - or ayahuasca - when on any of atypical 
> antipsychotics? E.g. Quetiapine (Seroquel), Risperidone (Belivon, 
> Rispen, Risperdal), etc.
> I'm thinking of trying an antipsychotic (at low dosage before bed) 
> because of the off-label use for autism. I don't know how close to 
> autistic I am, but my inner pain seems overwhelming even on 
> ibogaine: it's like I've stumbled from a cocktail party into an 
> operating room and the doctors are telling me to get out, go party 
> little ego while we keep your self alive, you would not survive 
> seeing what you really are, you are just a construct to cover the 
> damage and survive. If no doctors are there, my task is to not look 
> at the blood everywhere and to try not to understand what is 
> happening and to forget the details as soon as possible - every 
> time it seems like my best judgement is telling me to forget. 
> Logically it could be birth trauma.
> It seems that very low-dose ibogaine helps a little for therapy 
> (touch finger to powder and lick), however it only gets me up to 
> assessing how powerless I am to go further. Higher doses and I'm 
> either like a spooked mule or working on other issues.
> I don't know if I'd want to take any ibogaine while on an 
> antipsychotic, but likely would want to keep taking ayahuasca. 
> There doesn't seem to be a clear-cut serotonin problem, in that the 
> antipsychotics in question seem to work by limiting dopamine, but 
> I'm not sure about other aspects. Any info would be welcome.
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