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sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 19 05:06:56 EDT 2005

>Hi Dr.Tom

yes, that's true, I do require a three pages long hand writen statement
from the person who wants to be treated for Methadone addiction, about
why would a person wants to spend 2500$ for a treatment ,
and what does a person want to change in their lifestyle and why?
what health condition they have? what do they do already do about it?
what education they have? if they can NOT show me their statement before
coming all the way to the Netherlands, I have no reason to spend my
valiuble time on bullshitting .this kind of treatment takes 10 days for
that much money, but I only do it for highly motivated people who are not
against the use of cannabis tea during treatment.


 As the provider who declined to work with Andy, son of Roz, I wish her
> great success in finding a provider who is affordable and knowledgeable in
> using an Ibogaine therapy.  I facilitate this experience in situations
> where people are motivated to end their addictions or change their
> conscious emotional landscape if non-addicted.  If other issues than a
> desire to reach unaddicted health and mental peace are going on, I wish
> them the best and walk away.
> If parents, friends or significant others are compelling the client to
> enter Bwiti's space the best reasons,but the client isn't into it, I don't
> choose to help connect it up, regardless of the fee involved.  Ibogaine is
> a transformative, possibly liberating experience when a person is
> conscious and intends to change their self destructive behavior.  This is
> what I know and appreciate as a unique tool for awareness and evolution of
> the personality.
> If someone hasn't gotten to where they want to take on sobriety, where
> they haven't  "hit bottom" and decided to get back into this sometimes
> painful and vivid soup of consensus reality, I don't have time for
> babysitting their learning curve. Especially when they are manipulating
> everyone around them to stay "high", or without pain. The consequences of
> stupid choices are often painful, and that's OK with me.  The goal here is
> to become less stupid, not avoid all pain. But that is just my goal,
> people are free to come up with their own.
> Maybe Ibogaine would be a great coercive drug treatment, like the fear
> dust in "Batman Returns".  You would have to ask the black ops, spook
> government shadow people who follow these lists.  But, gosh, they don't
> always answer questions from their lab rats anymore do they?
> Facilitating an illegal plant medicine in the land of the least medical
> freedom in the world is an opportunity for the most entrepeneurial people
> who are among us. I hope those courageous people plan their prices and
> risks accordingly so that they can stay among us. I choose to work with
> some clients and others have some work ahead for themselves before I want
> to extend any energy to them. My call, not theirs.
> I would suggest a conversation with Sara in the Netherlands, but I suspect
> she requires a conscious motivation from her clients as well. Best of luck
> to all involved. Be safe.
> Dr. Tom
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