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Am 12.09.2005 um 21:39 schrieb Nick Sandberg:

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>> Good description, Matt. On the issue of finding oneself not
>> breathing,
>> I've wondered if it could be a defense mechanism against difficult
>> feelings.
> Could be birth trauma. They're pretty common and usually breathing
> associated. In rebirthing it's the main thing they try and process. 
> Just a
> thought.
> Nick
>> On Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:49:10 -0700 Matthew Shriver
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>>> But to speak more directly to the safety issue from my own
>>> experience, I have to admit that 3 of the 5 times I have taken it,
>>> I had fears and anxiety about dying from it.  The first two times
>>> I took it I did not have any fear or anxiety about death.  The
>>> third time I had this weird sense that I was not breathing as
>>> often as I should, like I was taking only one or two
>>> breaths a minute.  Not on purpose but simply because my body
>>> wasn't getting the message that it was necessary.  I remember
>>> feeling like I could feel my brain winding down as the oxygen
>>> was depleted only to feel it hum back to life again after taking
>>> a breath. ...

sounds just like a clear view of how it is with breathing
inhaling is coming to life, exhaling is letting go of life.

to see that on ibogaine doesn´t have to be defense or trauma.
i mean maybe could be but i rather would consider it as something very 

to focus on breathing while doing iboga is very recommendable
already small amounts of ibo can enable you to stay in the moment with 
your breath

of course one can make similar experiences with meditation or yoga 
without any drugs
expansion and contraction, yin yang etc., the whole dualistic universe 
already there in inhaling and exhaling
like a swinging door


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