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yeah, gotta agree with my friend Randy (gosh it was great seeing you 
Saturday, as already noted) admit shooting ibogaine doesn't sound all that, 
oh, constructive, but more like, "ah, a neat new drugs I MIGHT be able to 
fit in my rig and bang, like that Nyquil I shot when sick that time," etc.
Bad idea in my own humble opinion. Shove it up your bum, that was you still 
get to use a syringe but without having to find a vein or watch blood shoot 
up into the rig, etc.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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OK that's enough. Are you really going to shoot Ibogaine? Dude I'm sorry but 
this just seems like somebody wanting to put something in a spoon and cook 
it. I'll tell what, why don't we all just sit in a hot bath and shoot ice 
water for the rush.    Love and needle dope     Randy

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does anyone know about the solubility of iboHCl?
how much water do you need to completely dissolve 1g?
how much HCl can one liter of water take up until it is a saturated


An average would be somewhere in 6 mg/ml range.  And that could take a lot 
of stirring and would be influenced by temperature.  Why are you interested 
in solubility?  I could guess but I would rather have you say.


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