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That last 0.1 liter should actually be 0.2 liters.



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I too am interested in that answer as I too think I can guess.  I can say
from my last experience with the whole enema deal that I tried to dissolve
(I didn't try too hard admittedly) 2 grams in about 1.5 cups (about 0.3
liters) and it clumped up and did not dissolve well at all.  I would guess
from that experience that it would have taken several times more water to
dissolve well.  Unless I am mistaken, Howard's ratio would offer a guess at
about 6grams/liter or 1.2 grams/cup for us backwards, non-metric Americans.
But that alone would tell you it will take a little less than a cup (0.1
liters) to dissolve a single gram.



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does anyone know about the solubility of iboHCl?
how much water do you need to completely dissolve 1g?
how much HCl can one liter of water take up until it is a saturated


An average would be somewhere in 6 mg/ml range.  And that could take a lot
of stirring and would be influenced by temperature.  Why are you interested
in solubility?  I could guess but I would rather have you say.


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