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I've never snorted ibogaine.  I took it orally with water or juice chaser
the first four times.  The fifth time I took it in an enema to avoid nausea
but got more than I bargained for as it was absorbed really freakin' fast.
And as to it being scary, yes it has been to a greater or lesser degree
pretty much every time.  Even the first time when I pretty well slept
through most of the experience, I remember feeling like I wasn't ready for
the intensity with which it came on.  I could hear the cars and trucks on
the highway that was about a quarter of a mile away and I remember thinking
they sounded like some sort of demons or something.  The sound was so
distorted it made me think of comets roaring through the atmosphere at
ungodly speeds hurtling towards some sort of disintegration or cataclysmic
collision.  Being in the US I had to have someone send it to me from over
seas but after the first few times I took it, I was scared to take the full
dose and I split it with a strung out friend and it turned out to be too
small of a dose for either of us to get clean.  But as scary and painful as
it can be, it can be hugely rewarding too.  Personally I think my biggest
emotional and spiritual growth has emerged from soil made fertile by intense




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Matt, your ibogaine remembrance makes it sound very scary. I think listening
to  you scares me a bit. I don't want to take a drug and have a life and
death struggle in a dream world. It reminds me of a nightmare that has your
trapped and powerless. Now if you told me y ou saw beautiful colors and the
walls came alive and you could smell the music...that's different.


SO what is the difference between snorting a line of ibogain HCL and
ingesting it orally?



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