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>Subject: [Ibogaine] Howard, Patrick, Nick and Lee (was: risk, therapy)
>At least from what I've seen of their writing, Howard and Patrick are
>both a little too blase' about human life (in my humble opinion) and
>maybe they've both seen and done a lot more then me, so I don't mean
>any disrespect to either of you with that comment, both of you know
>there are deaths and mostly you don't seem to care too much, seen it
>all, been there done that, whatever, <shrug> ;)
>Your whole identity is vested in ibogaine, this is to Howard and you've
>spent I don't even know how many decades working with it so this is
>your right. Patrick you're more gifted at seeing all the sides,
>presenting positive, negative and then ending up at do whatever you
>want, those were the facts, I don't care what you do <shrug> ;) If
>there was someone's photo in the dictionary when you looked up the
>yin-yang symbol, it'd be yours. The symbol of chaos does work for you,
>that's you. Nick Sandberg goes more out of his way to phrase what he
>writes in a dramatic way but you're also not anywhere near being
>hysterical and only present facts and give opinions. In a weird way all
>three of you have a lot of common ground, Howard is over with positive
>more often, Nick with negative more often and Patrick is manic
>depressive and goes through the entire spectrum in every message ;) (no
>disrespect either, you're the only person I know who can drop academia
>speak, medical terms, words I need to look up, then go into prose and
>litter it up with shit and fuck all in a few paragraphs :)
>If Patrick's picture was under the yin-yang symbol, Lee if you looked
>up the word "zealot" or added "ibogaine zealot" that's where your
>picture would go.
>To give you alot of respect you have calmed down a lot, stopped
>preaching, started talking and turned into someone who's messages I
>like to read during the last year. You're a different person then the
>messianic loonie who first came here :) I don't know you but I like
>you, you are obviously changing a lot and alot of respect to you for
>all that.
>You sound reasonable sometimes, but honestly I don't think it would
>matter what facts or data anyone ever presented, that would make you
>change your mind and stop dosing yourself with ibogaine 30 times a year
>(or more for all I know). If there is a opposite of objective, that's
>you. You need only load up your web site to make that obvious. I don't
>see that as a problem, but just admit it, stop the denial and come out
>and say "everyone should do ibogaine all the time! like me!" ;) 
>Just say it, it'll set you free! :) You obviously feel that way :) and
>maybe it's working for you! "<shrug>" ;)

Yo Vector,

Many thanks for my annual assessment. It feels great being packaged away
in your head somewhere, knowing that I'm labelled at least relatively fit
for consumption and with the exiting possibility of being upgraded should
I behave well. As to Lee and messaianic tendencies....man, at least he puts
them out. And can move on from that. That's what it's about. I'm still waiting
for you to leap out of the closet man and scream "I'm here to save the world!"
I know it's in there. Come on, can't you just give us a little taste of the
messiah within?#



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