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Here is part of a Miami Herald article on Kamlet in Houston.


When a friend asked Jeff Kamlet, a Miami physician of internal medicine with 
more than 10 years of emergency room experience, if he could help organize an 
impromptu mission to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, he didn't hesitate.

''I started making phone calls to other physicians, pharmacies in the area, 
sending e-mails and looking for donations,'' said Kamlet, who worked with 
attorney and friend Herbert Cohen to put the mission together. ``We needed to get 
all the necessary supplies and medicine in one day.''

By Saturday evening, a team was formed: Kamlet; his office manager Margo 
Kenyon; Harvey Frank, a chiropractor from Fort Lauderdale; David MacIvor, a former 
Special Forces medic with NATO from Orlando; and Richard Perlman, an 
emergency room physician at Hollywood Memorial. The group arranged for a private jet 
and two 18-wheeler trucks to transport more than $15,000 in prescription 
medicines, bandages, feminine hygiene products, antibiotics and water.

After arriving in Houston and maneuvering through checkpoints, the group met 
with disaster aid relief personnel, only to learn there were already enough 

''We knew there were people who needed help out there,'' Kamlet said.
A Red Cross representative said she knew of other places that needed medical 
Their first stop was Iglesia de Dios, a little church 10 or 15 miles outside 
Houston. The team set up a triage area and began treating more than 200 people 
housed in the church. They saw people having heart problems who hadn't taken 
their medicine in days, diabetics in need of insulin, pregnant mothers and 
children who needed first-aid care or antibiotics, Kamlet said.

Town by town, the ad hoc group made their way to about five or six different 
facilities. Kenyon and other team members said the 15-hour trip was 
emotionally and physically exhausting.
'Two days felt like a week,' she said. ``I left there feeling like I wanted 
to do more.''
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