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    Well, to be a little facetious, I wouldn't consider the FDA to be a
useful body from whom to draw statistics on drug safety though I do
appreciate that they are the legally appointed one. The drugs business is a
racket. There is however a deeper issue here - Fundamentally, I take a
personal position and write what I consider responsible on the basis of how
I personally weigh up the information available. Mine is a personal website,
it does not represent any other body. Thus, I can't really say that ibogaine
is safe because a legally appointed body approves medications with similar
fatality rates, if I don't believe it myself. And I don't.

  Hi Nick,

  Well I Always send persons asking about ibogaine to your site so they
cannot deny being informed about ibogaine related adverse events.  While I
do think you overstate the fatality issue a bit, when taken in comparison to
most other sites it adds balance and provides important information.  When I
say overstate I am not talking necessarily about the facts but only their
presentation.  But, once again, you add balance.

  Best regards and thanks.


  Hi Howard,

  Well, let's hope you are right and I am overstating! Time, I guess, will

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