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In a message dated 9/8/2005 4:32:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, Nick writes:
Also, to be honest, any therapist
with a fairly open mind. Plenty have done plenty of drugs. I doubt if you'd
find so easy someone who'd come out and say "Go take ibogaine" - it's a big
position to take, but you could still relate to a therapist what happened in
the experience. Reading people's experiences, half of it's classic Jungian
or Freudian stuff. I think a lot of therapists, particularly those familiar
with dream interpretation, would be at home with it. Probably enjoy it.
Nick, I find myself agreeing with you a lot these days. I agree with what you 
are saying about the therapy and finding said therapist. I don't know about 
the stats you are quoting about the deaths, but I'd have to agree that taking 
Ibogaine is a risk and everyone should know that going in. I also agree with 
what Lee said about not saying that being addicted and the lifestyle attached to 
it is maybe a bigger risk. I'd say it was for me. God what a day. I'm 
agreeing with both you guys and loving it. Whoda thunk it? Love and knowledge    Randy
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