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I got to meet up with Sean in the city a few times and got to know him pretty 
well over the Internet. He was great guy and helped me a lot after my 
treatment. I've tried to write this a couple of times and couldn't. I keep thinking 
of the pain my friend Dimitri went through and still is feeling over this. It 
just makes me cry, but it also reminds me of how tentative all of our hold on 
life just is. This could have been me a year ago. If I can get anything 
positive out of this, it is that I will love the friends that I have left a whole lot 
more. Most of us have been through this before and will again, and I'll be 
damned if I am going to sit on my hands and not do anything to help the next 
person who reaches out to me. I will keep Sean in my heart and keep the wisdom 
that he gave freely to me in my mind. I think the memory of Sean will help me 
through times of stress and times of laughter. I will never forget him. I love 
you all, even the people I argue with. I just wish I had the grace and kindness 
that Sean showed me. Love and many tears     Randy
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