[Ibogaine] Boosters and Ibogaine Treatment

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 06:00:13 EDT 2005

Might be worth noting that the mental orientation of "facing unity" - trying
to resolve differences through trying to be positive towards people or
changing the ways we think about things - is only one way to move towards
peace. You can also bring up the conflicts more fully into light and work at
this level, through a more confrontational process. Personally, I find
ibogaine is more in the latter camp generally. It's brings unresolved issues
to light. I also think it's far braver, on a personal level, to be willing
to investigate your darker side, rather than try and change it before you
even have awareness of what it is. In therapy groups I find you have to let
yourself really hate something or someone before you can love them. Trying
to go through the process too quickly doesn't always work so well. Of
course, there's no set formula here. Everyone's different.


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  This is not true Krista, what Bill Ross wrote is exactly true. Bwiti when
they have posted here have shared great enlightened thought and welcome to
spirituality? No they have mostly posted death threats to each other when
they are different tribes and to Laurent Sauzy for selling photographs of
their culture.

  Psychedelic conferences are no different. Last Mindstates conference was
finanical disaster with big auditorium and empty seats, because they want to
some way change people attitude of going to party and seeing cult of
personalities. (or not have to pay their big speaker fees ;-) But it did not
work, because that is all psychedelics movement is about, the most
egotistical and arrogant, will be on stage giving talks about love,
enlightenemnt and peace.

  It takes me longer time to write message in English, so I repost my own
message from many months ago, which was part of conversation about art and
music, in that case Nrrutha posted Nine Inch Nails information.

  Reprinted from my own message:

  It is one of main thing that drew me to Mindvox, I don't know how to say
it all the best way to explain what it feel like to me so I won't try but I
mean more so the phantom.com site even then ibogaine part. Ibogaine part is
same vibration and feel but has more specific purpose, phantom site has no
real purpose I have ever discover but it is beautiful collection of ugliness
and beauty and looks like it took very long time to do. It is understanding
of self, some through drugs, some experience, expression of understanding as
art. It is true shamanism.

  I have more entheogen oriented friends who I show site to and response is
interesting because are offended and look at words or pictures and become
offended, which means art has succeeded in making person come in touch with
self and find something uncomfortable there in darkness. I find it most
interesting response from so called non drug addicts (I think everyone who
is here in life is addict in some way to some thing, admitting that much is
more easy to handle then heroin and crack or hard drugs). Many of entheogen
tribes become upset and even angry that this place in some way make fun of
or mock them and psychedelic experience.

  When I turn to almost all places and events I have been in world, around
entheogens, it is falsehood of dressing everything in love and
understanding, when same persons who speak or write those words go to home
and beat their children, cheat on wife, do hard drugs they not admit to and
then somehow they are enlightened because they are selling only one side of
psychedelic experience they want to look at, we are peace and love, because
the rest make them too uncomfortable. There is no peace and love without
darkness and hate, Tao is eternal.

  Most easy way to express it is this list with that link that appear at
bottom of all messages to ibogaine list

  Ibogaine List Commands: http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/IbogaineList.html

  Thoughts and words there make many who attend next Enlightened Conference
for Psychedelics XI, tickets only $950 for 3-day event. feel uncomfortable.
Show it to any true shaman in Brazil or many other places who is living that
truth instead of selling it and they only smile and understand exactly what
it means.

  I don't know many in organised so called drug-treatment in modern
countries, but I would think it would make most persons who run Betty Ford
very uncomfortable also. Biggest irony being that doubtless those who are
here have better outcome rate then their clients.

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Mon, 05 Sep 2005 20:04:43 -0700 Krista Vaughan

  > ...Yet right under the surface it usually looks like
  > everybody hates everyone else, maybe hate is too strong a word,
  > but nobody agrees about anything.
  > ... it doesn't make any sense when you put ibogaine
  > into the context people like to use of how it is this great

  > spiritual plant that makes everyone change.

  The same situation exists among the Bwiti, by all accounts.

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