[Ibogaine] Boosters and Ibogaine Treatment

Krista Vaughan krista.vaughan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 23:04:43 EDT 2005

I was at Alex Grey's, great talks, big collection of interesting
people with different backgrounds and a beautiful movie. I've never
said anything negative about Dr. Mash, my only complaint months and
months ago was that the two most interesting talks that gave brand new
information were Patrick Kroupa's low dosing and maintenance while
using opiates and Jeffrey Kamlet's safety protocols talk and neither
one was available. Patrick's was since published in MAPS and is online
Mindvox and Howard said Kamlet would not release his because of his
confidentiality agreements and non disclosures. He didn't say exactly
that, he said that's what Dr. Kamlet said but that Howard had not read
the agreements, which I don't understand, because why would Dr. Kamlet
need Mr. Lotsof to read his legal agreements for him, I don't think
Patrick or Jeffrey's legal agreemets with Dr. Mash are anyone's
business but their own and probably showing them to anyone might be a
violation itself. The bottom line is that both of them showed up and
gave new information, which is the same thing Howard wrote up about
the New Orleans conference, which Patrick ran for the Harm Reduction
Coalition and Howard wrote up as the best ibogaine conference since
the first international conference in NYC in 1999.

All I've read was positive about both conferences, I'm sure Dr. Mash
isn't going to cooperate with anyone, but then it isn't like anyone
else is cooperating with anyone else either, everyone if off in their
own little worlds doing whatever they feel is best.

I've seen Patrick get trashed here many times because of Dr. Mash, yet
he's been providing this place for 5 or 6 years for free and done more
for ibogaine then anyone, for nothing. I've seen Jeffrey Kamlet get
trashed because of what Dr. Mash has said or done. Yet the first thing
both of them do is get up on stage and say they don't work for Healing
Transitions, never have and are paid consultants, so whatever Dr. Mash
does, has nothing to do with them. I've seen the Mexico clinic in
Rosarita get trashed for killing 3 patients. In the last 6 months I've
seen everyone get trashed at one time or another, the only time I've
seen anyone in the underground raked over the coals was when Preston
was angry about why anyone had the right to tell him what to do.

Everyone has taken their turn, sometimes more then once. If there is
some big group of people angry about underground providers or
disrespecting them exclusively, I haven't seen it lately. That made it
hard to understand what  you're talking about. I replied to your
message because you're usually not angry, while Marc Corcoran is
almost always angry, so I didn't bother because that just looks like
the place he's at right now. You're not, so I asked what you're
talking about. The only message talking about anything even close, was
Vector who wrote a well thought out message, replying in part to
Frances Garden Restaurant, who I guess also does treatments. If he
does, then the shoe fits completely, because all I've ever seen him do
is post a message once in a blue moon spewing hate and talking about
God in the same paragraph.

That's the heart of my question or thinking and why I'm even writing
this long message. On the surface it looks like everyone who
represents it believes in ibogaine, all the big names were at the last
two conferences, everyone got along somehow, the conferences were a
big success. Yet right under the surface it usually looks like
everybody hates everyone else, maybe hate is too strong a word, but
nobody agrees about anything. This is about average for harm
reduction, but it doesn't make any sense when you put ibogaine into
the context people like to use of how it is this great healing,
spiritual plant that makes everyone change.

Love and light to you


On 9/5/05, BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com <BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com> wrote:
> Krista, I've seen this before on the list. People talking shit about some
> provider being unprepared and unqualified to be doing what they are doing.
> Nobody has the balls to actually say any names or anything. I'm tired of the
> pissing contest. Maybe there is somebody completely  independent that just
> sells Ibo and leaves but it sure isn't anyone I know. I was at the Ibogaine
> conference in NYC in Febuary and everyone involved in treatment was there
> exept for Sara and Boez Watchel. Just about anyway. I guess I really don't
> know how many people are doing it in Europe, but the people that I know are
> loving, caring and very informed about what they are doing. All of them, not
> just the underground people. Ms Mash wasn't there but people from her camp
> were and they were great, and freely gave out information that woulod help
> any provider. I don't even know who fired off that E mail that I am talking
> about for sure all I know is I'm tired of people that are trying to help
> getting pissed on. At least they are trying to help. Believe no one is
> getting rich off of Ibogaine treatments. Love and light           Randy

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