[Ibogaine] a 'beligerent' rescuee in New Orleans

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Thu Sep 1 12:50:59 EDT 2005

Preston, if you really need to know how to peel a safe, I can tell you what 
used to work. It probably still will if you actually have the time and don't 
have to worry about noise. But I try and not think of that kind of shit 
nowadays. I have to admit that the thought of hitting all those pharmacies struck me 
before the hurricane ever hit. I don't know if I ever will get rid of those 
thoughts. But I'm honest about it and I haven't followed through with any of 
those kind of thoughts since 1977. What struck me this morning while looking at 
New Orleans under water, was all those fine up right basses and great sounding 
piano's that are never going to play again. Matter of fact, New Orleans is 
silent. No jams anywhere. The French Quarter is pretty dry, but most of New 
Orleans is a total loss. Think of that. There is no one playing any music in New 
Orleans at this moment. But knowing how people are, some of them are playing 
acoustics and writing about this as I write this note. All those antique Selmer 
saxes. God I can't stand to watch these people suffering much longer without 
trying to do something to help. But damn I've got a lot to do in the next two 
weeks. I will have benefit jam some time in the near future somewhere and will 
participate in every one that I am asked to play at. I can think of no better 
way of paying respect and helping out a city like New Orleans then to have jams 
for the city, and giving them the money from people enjoying the music that 
they helped create. I ain't the only guy thinkin' of this I know, so I can see 
this happening all on it's own. Whatever, New Orleans will come back, but it's 
gonna take a long time. O yea about the safes in the drugstores? You take a 
small sledge hammer and a .............never mind.          Love and Zydeco      
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