[Ibogaine] a 'beligerent' rescuee in New Orleans

Eye of the Bhogi freedomroot at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 11:19:07 EDT 2005

It's clearly a public health disaster on many levels, in addition to the 
emotional swamping, human chaos and property damage. I saw that "Rite Aid 
looted" story too, Preston, and thought that the news reporters were wearing 
blinders or something as they read out their astonishment at the 
"determined" nature of those who pried open the metal gates. C'mon, why do 
you THINK they are breaking down the pharmacia's doors??? 

There was also a hospital administrator quoted in a
nola.com<http://nola.com>story yesterday about them turning away an
angry crowd and the near-riot.
The administrator was concerned about evacuating without first securing the 
hospital with guards, but I did wonder how many of the people in that crowd 
were possibly in need of medical assistance, not just shelter. I can't 
believe it is 2005 and this is happening in the U.S. largest port city! 
love, rachel
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