[Ibogaine] a 'beligerent' rescuee in New Orleans

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Thu Sep 1 09:23:05 EDT 2005

I saw mention of some drug store type places being hit by looters, but no 
one said a word about the actual drugs in said store(s). All I heared 
mentioned was all the soda and stuff being snatched- and guns. But nothing 
about those who continued on through the store to the pharmacy. How would 
one get into the "good" stuff if all power was out and everything was locked 
up? Blow up the safe? Is it possible to pry open a drug store safe with a 
crowbar? I mean it- I've continued thinking about those people now 
involuntarily kicking and wondering what they'll all do now, and immediately 
did think, "well, looters are out- go to the drug store," but also have been 
wondering if I'd have the energy to go hit drug stores (I mean it, insurance 
is covering most of the stuff being looted, right?) when in full 
withdrawals- that's not even taking the flooding into account.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about those people.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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I think Rachael mentioned the poor folks running out of methadone in the 
wake of Katrina.  Well, as it turns out, yesterday in the New York Times 
online edition, there was mention of a 'beligerent' woman being rescued from 
the rising waters by the Coast Guard.  She was 'beligerent' because she had 
run out of methadone.
Can you imagine having to involuntarily detox- from methadone, of all 
things- after your house/place of residence was just destroyed?  Kind of 
puts all this silly bickering amongst ourselves in perspective, doesn't it? 
There is always someone who has it worse, despite what we may think....
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