[Ibogaine] unsubbing for a bit....

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Thu Oct 27 03:53:42 EDT 2005

Hey what,...a week,..a whole week, what am I gonna do for a whole week
without your posts. I love you Kirsty,..you add a spark of brightness to my 

                                                                with love, 

Subject: [Ibogaine] unsubbing for a bit....

> Ok, wish me luck. Gonnna try this unsub for a while.
> Not sure how long I shall be gone.  If gone longer
> than a week send the calvary. Look after yourselves!
> I'll miss ya's!!  sniff sniff bottom lip wobble.
> Parting is such sweet sorrow!!
> Hasta la pasta
> Kirk :o)

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