[Ibogaine] Come visit NZ anytime!!!!!

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 22 23:22:43 EDT 2005

Heh, Yeh unfortunately our cool Rasta Politician got elbowed out this past
election and we are stuck with a bunch of fuckwits.  Nandor Tanchos... and
here's a clip from one of the worst parties yet about one of their members
slagging off Nandor.


. "e is the man who has created a storm already in Parliament by doing what
many other MP's wanted to do but didn't or weren't able to that being call
Nandor Tanchos to account as a self confessed and recidivist law breaker.
Craig McNair brings youthfulness and energy to our caucus and finally I get
a New Zealand First MP who will help me out in the parliamentary rugby


And yeh some kick ass pot!

Not sure how long the flight is, have to ask my sister who is in California.

Kirk :o)



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Are you KIDDING? I'd LOVE to visit NZ, it's long been a dream of mine.

Even with the what, 27 hour flight?

You guys have that cool Rasta politician (right?) and I hear great herb too.




Peace and love,



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If u guys promise not to tell everyone, I will mention in top secret that my

back door is always unlocked.. and so too usually is the front.  Apart from 

the fact that I have nothing worth stealing, and if someone wanted to have a

damn good clean up to find anything that WAS worth stealing, I am pretty 

confident that I have this place surrounded with excellent Universal Energy 

Protection (UEP) and anyone that did step foot on this property would be 

hounded by ghosts until they fled in panic and terror.  So, even if I happen

to have popped out when you turn up (uh, duh like I wouldn't be picking you 

up from the airport...) just bowl in, toss the pile of unfolded laundry on 

the floor, sweep the chair for dog and/or cat hair and park up.  Dog and/or 

cats are very friendly.

Preston.. GOOD LUCK MAN, I am already anticipating reading it I just know

going to kick ass and be a helluva exciting read !!!!  If I buy a copy to 

read, you must put the proceeds towards a trip to NZ> We can tour the LOTR 

film sites if ya want!!

Luff heaps






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