Iboga Cures in Bwiti Tradition in Europe

Sean Hamman paganlovejuice at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi Folks
 Slightly diiferent angle but in the same vein. We are conducting Iboga Cures in the Bwiti tradition. The work we are doing is based on the Initiations which take place in Gabon, the difference being that the 'Cure' is a healing work with the dosage and  levels of toxicity being  lower than in Gabon.
I am working with a homeopathic doctor and a shaman from Gabon. The Cure, set by your intention is in three parts; Death, Access to the land of your ancestors and Rebirth. It takes place over a period of three days.
We take eleven Curists on for each work with sometimes up to 40 people in the room holding the energy and assisting. The whole focus on the work is on the healing of the Curist(s).
Taking a Cure is very much about developing a relationship with the spirit of Iboga, its a relationship that continues long after your Cure. I wont go into the ins and outs of the Iboga experience as I'm sure you are all familiar with the material. Should you have any questions do get in touch.
Up until recently and for the past three years the Works have been conducted every fortnight in France. Next month in November we will be doing our first in the UK, with our pygmy teacher flying out from Gabon to conduct the Cure. Up until now the Cure has been by word of mouth, the decision from Gabon is that we are to open this work and spread it globally.
We still have a few spaces open for the November Iboga Cure should any of you be interested. The dates being the 18 - 20 November. After that the Iboga Cures will continue in France, 50 km north of Montpellier. The cost of the Cure is 500 euros, of which an £80 deposit is paid upfront to secure your place. Transport costs are covered by the Curists themselves.
I'll be happy to answer any questions or enquiries you may have. I'm contactable through this email address or on 07800 583136.
Nice one, Sean

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