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>>> If what passes for normal life is a big walking serotonin dream,
>>> to quote an angel, than why not call that a hallucination too?
>> Sorry Rachel but I think you have gone over the edge on that
>> statement.
>> That is exactly what I am stating.
>> Sometimes this list is just a bunch of unreal bologna! I have been
>> an addict for 25 to 30 of my 46 years. I stayed out of reality for
>> all those years. I am looking for something real....not just
>> another false sense of euphoria, false sense of reality or another
>> hallucination or unreal experience!
>> As I said before, and I hate to apologize all the time but... I am
>> not trying to be disrespectful to anyone.....just trying to get the
>> facts Mam as Detective Friday would say.
>> Callie
> Callie...
> Without getting metaphysical, and sticking wid' dat science thing
> which I hear is becomin' pretty popular in da 21st century...
> What's "real" ...?  Science is pretty much in agreement upon the fact
> that everything we perceive to be "real" or solid, is just light, at
> different wavelengths and densities.  Everything falls apart on a sub-
> atomic level.
> What's "real" ...?  Anything, everything, nothing.
> How do we perceive reality?  Through the greatest supercomputer
> that's ever been invented: that brain thing everyone has floating
> around inside their skull, and most people experimenting with
> molecules like to fine-tune, adjust, and play with.
> Reality is a highly subjective experience.  The way you process
> what's "real" and decide what to keep, and what to filter out, is
> based upon how your brain has been programmed, pretty much since birth.
> Some of this programming is conscious, most of it is not.  "Reality"
> rearranges itself in accordance with force of will/repetitions of
> patterns.  This is called neuroplasticity, not voodoo or magic.
> Neuroplasticity is pretty exciting in neuroscience right about now,
> because we used to think it stopped at a certain age ... but there is
> now actual proof that this is not the case.  In the last decade we
> have learned more about how the human brain functions, than in all of
> recorded history before right now ... and we still don't know very much.
> So the question that was first posed to science -- and actually drop-
> kicked into neuroscience by John Lilly, "Does consciousness arise
> within the brain, or is the brain merely a vehicle for mind/
> consciousness?" has, to some extent, been answered.  (And I mean in
> NEUROSCIENCE, not the happy-fun-wacky offshoot called Neurotheology
> -- which is essentially the study of the brain/mind and WHAT IS
> HAPPENING when transcendent states/spiritual experience/religious
> alignment occur.)
> IF we are just extremely complex biological systems, and everything
> can be attributed to a stimulus-response, social conditioning,
> genetics, synapses firing -- or not -- loop...  THEN ... the concept
> of "free will" is pointless; it doesn't exist, everything is
> biological destiny, a junkie is always a junkie, addiction is a
> chronic disease, and the best we can hope for is that it goes into
> "remission".
> ...
> Life's just like a funhouse, an endless series of mirrors,
> projections, and distorted reflections.  What's "real" ... whatever
> you decide is real, as long as you TRULY BELIEVE IT TO BE SO.  If you
> BELIEVE, then you MAKE IT SO.  Your brain rearranges in accordance
> with will/mind.  Your reality changes.
> I'm NOT talking about mental illness, I am far more familiar with
> mental illness and schizophrenia than I ever wanted or intended to
> be.  Individuals afflicted by these conditions are not having much
> fun -- most of the time -- are they...?  What's the "cure" ...?
> There isn't one, you hose the lunatics down with neuroleptics, and
> toss in some Cogentin, because we don't really know what else to do
> with 'em, and opiates are not legally sanctioned for the use of
> controlling mental illness, despite the fact that they work far more
> effectively and with much milder side-effects, than the current range
> of anti-psychotics...
> ...
> Presupposing that you're self-medicating DSM-IV, Axis 2 material,
> you're gonna find that you can make CHOICES post-ibogaine.  Axis 1 is
> a bit different, and difficult to deal with, and making
> generalizations 'bout it, is pointless.
> IF you want to view ibogaine as nothing more than the best detox
> going -- well, rock the fuck out; because it IS.  It goes far beyond
> detox, and appears to hit a reset on long-term neuroadaptations that
> occur in the brain, due to chronic administration of exogenous
> molecules.
> God bless, it WORKS.
> However, if you choose to discard whatever visions/insights may
> present themselves ... well, perhaps you're doing yourself a great
> disservice.
> Having said all this, it doesn't really matter.  What you want, what
> you choose to believe, and what you intend, may dramatically change
> once you glide back down from ibogaine ... or not.  What it all means/
> what it meant to you, 2 weeks later, 2 months later, 2 years
> later ... is entirely up to you, and how you CHOOSE to reprogram your
> mind.
> A pretty cool book, which is very easy to read, explains
> neuroplasticity without getting Way The Fuck Out There (until the
> very last chapter, where it takes the obligatory detour into quantum
> mechanics and Buddhism), is this thing here.  You may want to check
> it out.
> The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force.
> Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060393556/
> qid=1046306312/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_2/103-7599119-5503826?
> v=glance&s=books&n=507846
> I banged dope from 14-30, when I stepped off through the use of
> ibogaine my habit was at 200MG/day of methadone + 2 grams of heroin
> on top of that... to get straight; not fucked up.  And, I'm only
> counting the opiates.  However, as of All Hallows Eve, it will have
> been 6 years since I touched ANY narcotic analgesic.
> I suffer from the mysterious disease of being a human being.
> Patrick
 Dear Patrick,

about being a human being, my friend would say,
 "physical organisms,bodies with extraordinary intelligence that naturally
function in the present and act in response to given stimuli." He thinks "all
 our troubles arise from thought and ideas that are alienated from the
ongoing body-environment dynamic. Culture comes  between you and reality."
Something like that. "We are products of our culture and past. The brain and
body know exactly what to do when not dominated and conditioned by that

Iboga brings up memories/guilt/shame/fears and to some level takes the
dominated condition
of the mind. (even when it's a mental illness).

be well,

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