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Hi Bruce,
Just to share a little with you my own experiece.
Each session is different but if it is the first session I would advise you not to have any music. But you can play the rainforest soundtrack listed below on low volumn. (Its actually recorded quite high here - need to lower it). This may help you to relax a little as you entrain your thoughts to its movement.
If you are experienced then it depends on the grove you are in and what you feel you are healing and the stage of the healing itself.
A safe bet is the Vivaldi number played on repeat listed below.
Having said all that I think its a personal thing but anything which can inspire you into a different energy can be very useful. For example in sexual recovery deep bass sensous music is good such as Spanish Flamenco fusion. I will try and get a few tracks posted soon. Where the issue is looking at difficult relationships and the people involved the Vivaldi number might work better.
[Snip] from: www.myeboga.com/session.html
4. Music in a session:

Sometimes music which is inspirational or drum based, such as Sacred Spirit: Chants & Dreams of the Native Americans, or Amampondo: A Taste of Africa, can be a wonderful adjunct & supportive to a mini-session depending on the material that is being dealt with. 
The prefered music in my experience (at certain times) by the spirit helpers is angelic type music - music of the soul (e.g. www.myeboga.com/Vivaldi.mp3) Vivaldi: Andante from Cto in 3 minor for 2 mandolins arranged by Yo Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin - click to play). 

However many times music is not appropriate (eg. a first full session) and in these cases a repeating track of www.myeboga.com/Rainforest.mp3 Rain Forest (click to play) sounds is ideal to help move one into a healing space and to create an ambient atmosphere as ones
senses are very heightened and easily molested.
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Nowwarat at aol.com wrote:
Is there music good for the ibo experience? Should I play music I like during an ibo trip?

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