[Ibogaine] 7ply blue buddha "khan Clue sions" and Koko

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Yehh Uh huh ok ron, I mean koko, I mean..   ohh dammit, who are you
today????? ;o)



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WTF?  koko, stable as a shite howz rat.  Arrrrrrrrrr

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Callie.. Fit in reply was from Don..

Ron is a um... mad clown who comes and goes and. well. usually leaves us
confused and wondering wtf?? Lol (juss kidding Ron.)

Ron's n Don's...mon.

Kirk ;o)



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You fit in here just fine. I don't think there are any requirements. This
isn't AA!! hahaha!! Thank goodness!! You don't even have to have a desire to
get clean to 'fit' in on this list. 

I think some folks have found Ibogaine on this list but it takes a while. 

Sit back, read, learn, share......read this.....The Dharma of
<http://www.tripzine.com/print.asp?id=taub>  Ibogaine, by James Kent

If it is an emergency, there are some treatment centers outside the US. Are
you wanting to do that? In fact, I think Eric Taub, in the article above, is
affiliated or may even be administrator of a program right off coast of
Florida. But don't take that as gospel cause I might be wrong.

I think or at least I perceive most people here that have done Ibogaine
encourage you to do it with someone who knows about Ibogaine, how much to
give, what to expect etc. I do not think it is a good idea to do it all by
yourself but I am sure there have been many who have.

You fit in! Hang around! There is some sarcasm here but it is generally
harmless! I do know there is more caring and support on this list than
intolerance or lack of understanding.

There hasn't been a whole lot of posts lately but if you stick around there
will be more. I predict you will learn a lot about others, yourself and


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