[Ibogaine] 7ply blue buddha "khan Clue sions" and Koko

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
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Arrrrr me capn'.  tis good to have an allie.  much love for it
ron   I hate klownz Callie but happen to be one at times.  I send huge attachments that jam everyone's Pc and am generally despised for it.  It's ignorance, noone believes it and I would never intentionally harm anyone or their property. PaTricK occasionally rears his head with a put down and I pout and lurk.  thanks for the welcome, I have made the voyage and need to go again.  koko
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  Callie.. Fit in reply was from Don..

  Ron is a um... mad clown who comes and goes and. well. usually leaves us confused and wondering wtf?? Lol (juss kidding Ron.)

  Ron's n Don's...mon.

  Kirk ;o)



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  You fit in here just fine. I don't think there are any requirements. This isn't AA!! hahaha!! Thank goodness!! You don't even have to have a desire to get clean to 'fit' in on this list. 

  I think some folks have found Ibogaine on this list but it takes a while. 

  Sit back, read, learn, share......read this.....The Dharma of Ibogaine, by James Kent

  If it is an emergency, there are some treatment centers outside the US. Are you wanting to do that? In fact, I think Eric Taub, in the article above, is affiliated or may even be administrator of a program right off coast of Florida. But don't take that as gospel cause I might be wrong.

  I think or at least I perceive most people here that have done Ibogaine encourage you to do it with someone who knows about Ibogaine, how much to give, what to expect etc. I do not think it is a good idea to do it all by yourself but I am sure there have been many who have.

  You fit in! Hang around! There is some sarcasm here but it is generally harmless! I do know there is more caring and support on this list than intolerance or lack of understanding.

  There hasn't been a whole lot of posts lately but if you stick around there will be more. I predict you will learn a lot about others, yourself and Ibogaine.

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