[Ibogaine] surgery

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Sweet!!! WTG Don pretty powerful wishing there bro!!! lol



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thanks for the good thoughts don and kirk feelin better and better. btw- i think the rain stopped. . -m.


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Wishing you clear skies, dood!

Mark Corcoran wrote: 

FINALLY had my surgery to repair some facial fractures. Wasn't fun and pain meds were a nessisairy evil but was prescribed 25 vicoden and only ended up taking 5 so far and since this is day three and I think the worst is over so I might not have to take anymore. Still very sore and uncomfortable but there is a huge difference between discomfort and pain and its amazing that I can see that kinda stuff now. 

so nice not to be strung out. now if it would only stop raining!


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>----- Original Message ----- From: <wishnia
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>Subject: from the Onion
>>Report: 92 Percent Of Souls In Hell There On Drug Charges
>>October 12, 2005 | Issue 41•41
>>HELL—A report released Monday by the Afterlife Civil Liberties
>>Union indicates that nine out of 10 souls currently serving in
>>Hell were condemned on drug-related sins.
>>"Hell was created to keep dangerous sinners off the gold-paved
>>streets of Heaven," ACLU spokesman Barry Horowitz said. "But
>>lately, it's become a clearing-house for the non-evil souls
>>that Heaven doesn't know how to deal with."
>>The disproportionate number of drug offenders in Hell is a
>>result of God's "get tough" drug policy of the 80s A.D.,
>>imposed after Roman emperor Domitian Flavius introduced opium
>>to his people. God's detractors say His reactionary "one sin
>>and you're out" rule places too harsh a penalty on venial drug
>>According to God's law, souls who possess four ounces of
>>illegal drugs at any point during their mortal lives face a
>>mandatory minimum sentence of eternity.
>>High-ranking seraphim in the Eternal Justice Department
>>defended God's law.
>>"It's all about accountability," the angel Nathanael said.
>>"The rule of the Lord affords the complementary blessings of
>>freedom and responsibility, and provides the governing
>>framework under which man is punished or rewarded according to
>>his deeds. The rules are very simple: You do the crime, you do
>>the time. Eternity, in this case."
>>The ACLU report included profiles of hundreds of offenders
>>condemned to eternal perdition under God's law. Among them is
>>Pvt. Robert "Bobby Joe" Hetfield, a World War I fighter and
>>amputee who became addicted to morphine during his last 72
>>hours of life on a French battlefield in 1918. As punishment,
>>Hetfield has spent more than a century cleaning Beelzebub's
>>dope house every morning by consuming the urine, excrement,
>>and vomit left by Satan and his revelers.
>>Another offender listed in the ACLU report is Huachuri, an
>>Incan peasant who used a coca-leaf-based marital aid in 1311.
>>As punishment, he is sodomized continually by a winged,
>>razor-penised goat.
>>Defenders of God's law argue that eternal punishments like
>>these are the only way to deter other drug users, and preserve
>>order in God's kingdom.
>>"This is not about revolving-door justice," St. Peter said.
>>"While the word of God will keep some on the straight and
>>narrow, Heavenly studies show that eternal damnation is the
>>only deterrent that really works."
>>Horowitz said that while drug offenders are literally rotting
>>away in Hell, serial killers and other dangerous sinners are
>>receiving "mere Purgatorial sentences, thanks to the
>>asking-for-forgiveness loophole." Purgatory is a
>>minimum-security state of limbo that affords its occupants the
>>opportunity to repent their sins and eventually gain
>>admittance to Heaven on good behavior.
>>"Drug offenders, many of whom have committed no prior mortal
>>sin, rack up infinite consecutive life sentences," Horowitz
>>said. "Meanwhile, rapists say they're sorry, recite a few Hail
>>Marys, and wind up basking in God's divine radiance within 10
>>Among those who oppose God's laws are the stewards of Hell,
>>who argue that his harsh anti-drug penalties have taxed the
>>capacities of the underworld.
>>"I have one ravenous and overworked hellhound assigned to
>>terrorize 12 methamphetamine users," the demon Abracax said.
>>"After 14 hours in the dog's digestive tract, they are
>>excreted and revived, at which point, I give them another shot
>>of methamphetamine. The dog's exhausted—he was originally
>>intended to be responsible for two users at most."
>>According to Horowitz, even leaving aside questions of civil
>>liberties in the afterlife, God's drug laws are problematic.
>>"These laws, simply put, don't work," Horowitz said. "What the
>>Heavenly hosts need to consider is some sort of angelic
>>early-intervention program at the pre-death level, or at the
>>very least, some form of afterlife rehab."
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