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ibogaine  is probably - like selegiline - a selective MAO-B inhibitor, 
and thus  requires (although fasting is recommended out of other 
reasons) no special  diet before while or after ingestion. please 
correct me if this is wrong.  -ekki

I am not sure but I knew I had read something to that effect. Here it  is....
IBOGA: A tropical shrub with  panicles of small white /pink flowers. From 
West African rain forests. The root  bark is used as a magical plant and in 
initiatory rights of secret cults such as  the Bwiti. Ibogaine, the chief alkaloid 
in this plant is a MAO inhibitor, has  psychedelic properties, and in low 
doses is capable of producing aphrodisac  effects. Large doses can be fatal. 
Illegal in the US. Not available at this  time. 
ekki, why the comparison to selegiline?
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