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Did you talk to Hattie about it? I don't think she follows this list. I also
wondered if you were pissed off before about the boosters concept because
Hattie co-wrote the paper.


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> dear edward,
> Iherd you and hattie used to work together? she has warned me
> about you? why
> is this? I'm only looking for a good treatment provider. I've
> been on crack
> and heroin for 10 years now, I've been to different rehabs in the
> past that
> havent worked for me. Tony 's holistic centre says you are good? Despite
> what Hattie tells me I have a good feeling about you? if you can help me
> contact me
> I post this to show the type of thing i was before trying to
> express...does
> anyone think this is professional??? It blows my mind to see such
> insenstive
> representation when people are seeking help, for two years I've
> heard about
> things like this and much more. There's one thing back slagging
> people off,
> but when you involve someone who is looking for help in your shit
> well...what can you say.
> Please note. I have edited the name and contact number off to
> protect this
> persons identity. But this is how i recieved this contact. The guy only
> wants some help and he's having ti filter this shit???
> Ed.
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> >An American Friend recently mailed me huge amounts of cnn and fox news
> >reports of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as a 'joke'  - 
> they're funny -
> >how many Americans accept this version of events ongoing? it can
> be quite
> >an epiphany when one realises one is being lied to. However we
> brits as a
> >nation kept Blair in power and allowed his tongue to remain
> firmly placed
> >in G.W's crack, so no hypocrisy there then........... Just one good yank
> >and a rifle isn't enough, the string pullers in this right wing
> >christian fundamentalist cock pull called the USA gov. are too many to
> >count. - btw. Ibogaine saved my life(an afterthought). 
> >http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-harris/there-is-no-god-and-you-
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