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edward conn wardconn at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 8 10:36:03 EDT 2005

dear edward,

Iherd you and hattie used to work together? she has warned me about you? why 
is this? I'm only looking for a good treatment provider. I've been on crack 
and heroin for 10 years now, I've been to different rehabs in the past that 
havent worked for me. Tony 's holistic centre says you are good? Despite 
what Hattie tells me I have a good feeling about you? if you can help me 
contact me

I post this to show the type of thing i was before trying to express...does 
anyone think this is professional??? It blows my mind to see such insenstive 
representation when people are seeking help, for two years I've heard about 
things like this and much more. There's one thing back slagging people off, 
but when you involve someone who is looking for help in your shit 
well...what can you say.

Please note. I have edited the name and contact number off to protect this 
persons identity. But this is how i recieved this contact. The guy only 
wants some help and he's having ti filter this shit???


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>An American Friend recently mailed me huge amounts of cnn and fox news 
>reports of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as a 'joke'  -  they're funny - 
>how many Americans accept this version of events ongoing? it can be quite 
>an epiphany when one realises one is being lied to. However we brits as a 
>nation kept Blair in power and allowed his tongue to remain firmly placed 
>in G.W's crack, so no hypocrisy there then........... Just one good yank 
>and a rifle isn't enough, the string pullers in this right wing 
>christian fundamentalist cock pull called the USA gov. are too many to 
>count. - btw. Ibogaine saved my life(an afterthought).  
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