[Ibogaine] x-ray visions

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
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Wow, I haven't had that experience on drugs, but when semi asleep, eyes
closed, could hear everything around me, breathing of partner, just the
colour and contrast of the room was different. 

Also have seen it when we got ghost busters in to get rid of some pesky
spirits, and when the woman channelled she had her eyes closed but could see
everything around her "as" the spirit she was channelling.  To prove to the
spirit it wsan't his house and it wasn't the turn of the century of 1899, we
fished up a newspaper and showed "him" the date on it . With her eyes fully
closed, she frowned and read out the day, date month and year on the page.
Funniest thing I ever saw.

Believe it or sod off!!


Kirk ;P



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Hi.  I had that experience too, standing in the shower and closing my eyes,
and seeing my legs just as tho my eyes were open, altho everything was
tinged in red.

It made me feel like I was being shown how much our mind can do, and that it
truly isn't all that dependent on what we think of as our physical senses.  

Best, SAndy


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>Yes, I did, that's for sure. I could see all sorts of things I was 
>doing, and others too (even if I couldn't always recognize them) in 
>the room or in my bed with my eyes closed.
>Very weird but also very, very cool.
>Peace and love,
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>often mistaken for madness"
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>I noticed that if I move my arm in front of my face while on 
>I can see my arm even when my eyes are closed.  I wonder has anyone
>else seen this!

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