[Ibogaine] Debunking ibogaine

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Thu Nov 24 14:36:52 EST 2005

Preston Peet wrote:
> Re: [Ibogaine] Debunking ibogaineI'd always heard alcohol was THE only 
> drug that could literally kill you as a direct result of the 
> withdrawals. I could be mistaken, but I did learn it in a 28-dayw 
> program, and we all know how reliable they are when it comes to 
> addiction and drug use

Yuppers... well, both alcohol and barbitruate withdrawal are about 
equally dangerous as far as risk of seizure and death.

About 5% of people will experience delerium tremens (DTs) during alcohol 
withdrawal. Of people who experience DTs, about 35% will die without 
medical attention, while a little less than 5% will die if they receive 
medical treament (usually in the form of benzodiazapines or other 

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