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> what is the dose in dry weight?
> do you heat the amanita ?
> muscimol is water soluble, do you have an idea what alkaloids?
One of the reasons A. Muscaria is not commercially useful, is
that the effective potency is so variable. But I'd try 2 times the
dry weight as the dry mushroom. Do not- if you find fresh shrooms,
use them that way! Slice the caps open immediately, and put them on
the dashboard to dry ASAP to stop the maggots from eating them.

I dont know of any tradition that heated A. Muscaria. I never thot to
try it. I have found that a shroom smoothie, with cream rather than
butter, and then whatever fruit you have, works well for those who do
not like the earthy taste. But like dope smoking, the taste and smell
grows on you.

I dont recall the lab report that said the shrooms were poisonous
because of the fatty alkaloids. Dont recall that Wasson gets into it
very much either. Suffice to say that both the Brahmins and the Ugarit
Shamen used animal fats, and that the conversations I've had since with
medical experts realized what the fatty acids were doing.

Start with 1 square cm of cap as soon as you have dried shrooms, and
pay attention after you have eaten that for a day or so to make sure you
are not one of the very few who are allergic. I have *always* given such
small samples to possible initiates at least several days before ritual.

I have always avoided alcohol the day before ritual, and begun dosing
with about 5 sq cm for newbies, 10 cm square for others. Then, after an
hour, dosed again... and occasionally as the nite progressed, people
taking as much more as they were comfortable with. Individual response
varies as well as the potency of the shrooms.

But then wait until the next new or full moon before the next ritual to
let the liver process whatever that potency was.

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