[Ibogaine] For Carol Ann and Lee Re: Altering Conciousness

Carol Ann saffireskyes at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 17:34:37 EST 2005

Hi Mason,
I am a certified Yoga Instructor and Tantric
practicioner.  Nationally Cert. Massage Therapist
specializing in Cranio-Sacral.  Cert. Hypnotherapist
and Reiki instructor. I didnt realize what I write
came across as spiritual superiority...in fact, the
truth of the matter is that they are merely
insignificant titles which follow individual interests
and certain levels of achievment. From what you are
asking....the implicataion is that addiction is the
only qualifier to the sharing experience.   

If so, I have a son who is addicted to Crack Cocaine.
It is what brought me here and to my investigation of
entheogens. He practices his own version of 
Spirituality, he self medicates 2-3 times a week.
Going on About 7 years now.   Does that count? 

I only wish he would walk in concentric circles, learn
to breath and to begin to think positive thoughts for
prolonged periods. To put as much effort into altering
or reprograming his consciousness as he does in
finding ways to maintain his drug sources. 

How about you Mason? You don't post much at all. Any
plithy nonsense to share.

Warm regards,
Carol Ann

--- Mason Shipley <maseshipley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reading through all of these messages I have short
> simple ones to two
> of the most prolific authors about their
> backgrounds.
> Carol Ann a short one if you wouldn't mind sharing.
> You give lots of
> advice, a little from the position of "spiritual
> superiority" as
> booker said, in my humble opinion, but what is your
> background please?
> It's easy enough to throw out pithy nonsense like "I
> can get that from
> walking in a circle and meditating" so did you
> personally stop using
> heroin or crack by walking in a circle and
> meditating? Stop boozing
> from that? Have any addiction experience whatsoever?
> Curious whether you're sharing anecdotes that have
> helped you out or
> just like listening to yourself talk.
> Lee Albert, I understand you're taking part in a
> epic journey and
> having a good time exploring with ibogaine. My one
> question for you
> is, the only addiction you talk about here is
> smoking, which you
> seemingly have not been able to stop despite all
> your experiences. You
> start, you stop, you want to quit smoking and
> haven't stayed stopped
> yet, is that it? You do all the ibogaine you do to
> trip on it, not for
> addiction interruption right?
> Thanks for the clarifications,
> -Mase
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Best regards,
Never Accept Only Two Choices in Life.
The problems of Today cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.
-Al Einstein. 

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