[Ibogaine] Erasing memories and its potential for addiction treatment

Lee Albert myeboga at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 09:12:04 EST 2005

There are many ways. What matters (I am sure you would agree) is to chose one that works for you and to respect the ways that others chose. Different paths presumeably have different ways.....
Re: healing and eboga. It has been my experience that the healing of a traumatic experience requires a (positive) change in oneself. It is not that one heals regardless of your way to be in this world. It is that, to heal, one has to also change. Which makes sense as the traumatic effect most likely has created negative behaviour patterns. Eboga expects you to clean those up before it heals you in my experience.
The path of healing with eboga is one of learning & changing imo and it is hard work.
Philosophically healing with eboga can be dismissed I suppose but in practise i have found it has helped me personally a great deal. To be able to make love to someone and experience that closeness without mental or emotional confusion is a goal I consider well worth achieving. 
Small steps take one a long way.

sara119 at xs4all.nl wrote:
> Lee Albert wrote:
>> Which is why the memories one sees with eboga are for real. They come
>> imo via the spirit.
>> But, beware of the future!
> Anyone who has read history has to be wary. Of course, by the time
> you've read as much history as I have, you dont have that much future
> left to worry about.
> As for the reality of memory- whatever else it is, it is a pattern in
> the mind; eboga or any other drug can change the patterns. I have no
> opinion on to what extent, if any, the spirit is involved. If it works
> for you, that's all it hasta do. There's no need to convince me that
> it worked for you, or that it would for me.
it looks likes a total chaos, what patterns? from earth to earth that is
all that is sure a pattern recycling of the material, that will not
change. the change is due to an insight,a person who experiences "the love
of the spirit" during an experience, "healing" what ever you like to name
it... will NOT change from being an selfish asshole power tripper to a
loving kindness tripper...
who shows respect and valiue to other peoples realities, it is all a trip
but some can make their trip easier by not holding on to a lot of nonsense
but letting that go without the need to express it in public before

last session with a person few weeks back, we took together a dose and
spend all night talking and listening to eachother memories, we couldn't
understand what's the point was of holding on to all that info. from years
back, why it come up during the session and how do we relate to that info.
right now. we came up with... it is a "chaos" and with our intelligence
find the middle way, (the balance within each day), which is easier to
find when there is no one else to blame "it"on(the addiction, the pain,
the lust,the happiness).

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