[Ibogaine] Erasing memories and its potential for addiction treatment

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Thu Nov 3 16:47:43 EST 2005

Hi Day,
Nice post. Something to think about. A lot of what you say rings true. So I suppose the interpretation rings true because this life makes very little sense to a lot of people.

Day Brown <daybrown at artelco.com> wrote:
When I was getting my BA (psych major, comp sci minor) in 1971 at the
Univ of So. Fla in Tampa, the mantra was that 20% of the population was
in need of psychiatric/psychological services. Now, that disease seems
to have spread globally. In part due to Christian guilt tripping and
the disorganization of tribal safety nets. But also in part due to the
modern diets of junkfood and sodapop as well as other contaminants in
the environment both inside and outside the home.

At the rate of progression, its a moot point whether the political and
economic system wont be hit with some kind of mass hysteria. Wallace, in
his anthro classic, "Culture & Personality" reports that when a culture
is headed down the tubes, people's coping skills dont work anymore, and
they engage in "magical thinking". Thus the dramatic rise in Fundamental
Christianity and people awaiting "The Rapture. Thus the rise in "wicca".

Thus also the rise in the ritual use of entheogens as people seek truth
behind the chaos and ambiguity of modern life. Nor do you havta look
that hard to find studies going all the way back to the 60's of "magical
potions" from shamantic traditions having powerful curative effects on
some of the mental pathologies that are so common. And finally, thus the
rise of psychotropics- Ritalin, Xanax, Prozak...

Those who have been enlightened, either by meditation, entheogens, or
whatever, sense the 'holodeck' or "Matrix" characteristic of what passes
for reality, and are therefore aware of how malleable it is, in large
part because of what the masses so readily can forget- but also in part
because those changes fulfill their own personal kharma. Shakespeare and
others say that all the world's a stage, and the question is, who wrote
the script?

The Illuminati know it aint Jehovah or Jesus, much less Allah. In fact,
what it looks like is a staff of writers who are winging it, trying to
adapt to the changes Chaos throws at them with every episode every day.
They may have had an outline to start with, but that gets forgotten in
the struggle to keep the whole show going amid all the rants by all the
minds that never developed properly.

It also begs the question of what the point of talking about Ibogaine is
if you cant get any. Murphy's law would suggest that you spend maximum
effort in trying to learn what it will do, and then find out that all
that was a total waste of time. But of course, Murphy is one of the
writers of each daily episode ready when you wake up in the morning.

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