[Ibogaine] Um OT....... re: thanks etc etc

Krista Vaughan krista.vaughan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:44:16 EST 2005

I'm having a hard time agreeing with one group or another, I would
personally prefer if people split up their messages and the ibogaine
list focused more on ibogaine and the group support list was for group
support. Unless I'm wrong ibeganagain is another ibogaine list on
Mindvox along with sacrament, which were all made to split up the
conversations and keep things more on topic.

At the same time nobody posts to those lists and wants to talk to
themselves or they would cc the message to 5 people, they want exactly
what Nick wrote.

I don't think I'm in a position to tell anyone what to do because I've
been here less then a year and in that time it's kept getting bigger
and bigger and this problem has come up here many times, in less kind
ways, the same 3 people post a load of noise that says nothing much
and maybe helpful as group support for them but isn't of interest to

I don't have the answer, only observations. I have loads of respect
for Howard, Patrick, the loads of people this list has helped, the
other side of the opinion that people doing the real work with
ibogaine want all the noise, because it makes it easier for them to
help those who need help more invisibly, the lists in addition to this
one already exist and nobody uses them, I have loads of respect for
you Boaz, you co wrote the ibogaine manual with Howard, I think the
solution has been to block or delete the specific people from this
list you don't want to hear from and they go away, for you they don't
exist anymore. Then, those same people who use this list for group
support, post loads of messages about nothing and bury some really
useful advice or info in one of their messages that helps out others.

Only thoughts.


On 11/3/05, Nick Sandberg <nick227 at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Trouble is, no one wants to join a list created specifically for trivial
> communications. The excitement is in putting out highly personalized trivial
> bitchy nonsense to everyone, especially people who really don't want it.
> Personally, I don't think it's so terrible. Petty bitchy stuff is OK. People
> can also lighten up a bit or block delete. Or just bitch back, I think
> that's more constructive than just withdrawing.
> Nick
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> From: boaz [mailto:wachtel at shani.net]
> Sent: 03 November 2005 06:32
> To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
> Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] Um OT....... re: thanks etc etc
> I am sorry to say but many of the recent postings on the Ibogaine list are
> hurting the Ibogaine list because of meaningless communications between few
> individuals who should communicate between themselves through private e
> mails.
> Some people who have been with the Ibogaine movement since it's early stages
> are about to quit the list due to its abuse because I and they believe this
> list should be used to communicate meaningful information on Ibogaine, and
> assist people before, during and after treatment  etc.
> I speak now for my self but maybe someone should open a parallel list for
> the trivial communications so this very important list will continue to
> serve it's original purpose – i.e. info on Ibogaine treatments, procedures,
> help on line etc.
> Warm regards
> Boaz Wachtel

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