[Ibogaine] meth means methamphetamine

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Mon Mar 28 19:24:13 EST 2005

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>I'm really wanting to find information on the treatment of methamphetamine
>dependency with ibogaine.  My dope fiend friends really need something,
>anything, that will take the edge off the craving for that shot. I've read
>that ibogaine is less effective for speed freaks than for opiate users,
>but even a smaller degree of help will help a gang of them. Does anyone
>know anywhere I can find info?

Jon Freedlander provided a powerpoint slide show at the nyc ibogaine forum.  
It is available from http://www.ibogaine.org/cosm.ppt

You can also do a google.com search for "ibogaine methamphetamine"

You can also get a free powerpoint reader from microsoft just do a google.com 
search for that if you don't have the program.


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