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What about you? To stay clean and to be an adult one is still hard for you 
too? But I suppose you are in the 'normal life' already. But I think there 
is so many dificulties in our ' clean' lifes...

Please write me. Your valuable comments are very improtand for me.

Wormest Regards
M, it's so good to hear you are getting married. I've been gone for a while 
on my quest, and was watching the list but not saying anything. I saw your 
note, and am getting back with you now. I don't know how much of a normal life I 
will ever lead, but I'm still clean and trying to at least appear normal. (LOL) 
I'm working on educating people in KY about Ibogaine and it's coming around. 
It looks like to me that there are a lot of people on Methadone down there who 
are tired of doing what they are doing. Good people who work hard, and feed 
their families. I also found out something pretty disturbing to me. Women are 
getting pregnant just to get on Methadone. My friend is running a program that 
is accepting almost 80 per cent women who are pregnant. He set it up so that 
they can go to a separate "house" for women for the first month to get stable 
on Methadone and then into a program to get them support during the pregnancy 
with all kinds of outside help with issues that come up for her and her child. 
What is disturbing to me is the need for these women to get pregnant to get 
the help. The government has made it such a problem for people to get the help 
that they need that it has come to this. Thank God for Jim Baum in Kentucky for 
putting the foresight into this, and helping them. This guy deserves another 
award for this. Think maybe Ibogaine could help these people?            Randy
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