[Ibogaine] junk and contemporary mass civilization

Chris Hunter abductmeplease at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 15:52:24 EST 2005

Hi Mat

Thanks for sending me the link to your experience WOW have you indulged in 
psychedelics before?? you express yourself very well thanks for sharing.

I have some questions - you say in your writing that ibogaine gave you some 
insights into why you struggled to stop - ie "you were always looking for 
reasons to start instead of stop" did it show you examples of this or did 
the initial awareness spark off your own examples - either way I'd love to 
know what they were.

How is your heart now?? Would you recommend that folk have the tests done 
first? your journey seemed very short from what I have read it should be 
something from 2 days to a week -

Did you use a sitter? Would you have preferred to if not?
Can you tell me some history of your addiction - how long? to what? how did 
you use? IV smoke both etc.
Are you still clean how long has it been and what have you tried before??
iF you are not comfortable with any of these ?'s then thats okay just don't 
answer o r if you'd rather keep them off list you could email me on 
abductmeplease at hotmail.com

Much Love


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