[Ibogaine] Thoughts for pc

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Mar 20 10:30:57 EST 2005

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> Nick scribbled in his usual delued and completely out of touch
> with any sort
> of reality connected to my own life anyway
> >Well, I figure saying this stuff is just a way for Preston and others to
> keep us out. "You haven't been a heroin addict so I don't have to
> listen to
> what you have to say." Routine shit the mind does when it doesn't want to
> hear something -<
> I almost let you get my goat here Nick, but then realized yet
> again, you are
> so "not in my club" that you aren't worth my bother any more.
> ;-))

Hey Preston,

Many thanks for this one. It's a great response, man. "I almost listened to
what you were saying there about me shutting people out by saying they're
not junkies and so not like me....then I realized you're not a junkie so I
don't have to listen to what you're saying."

>     That said, I will allow myself one second or two to say you've
> completely ignored every single thing I've ever written or said
> apparently
> if that's really what you think of me Nick, but that's ok with
> me. I could
> care less any more about you or your opinion (except that once
> again, I've
> bothered to reply, so I obviously don't completely don't care,
> just almost
> completely). You've certainly not gotten a single thing right about me or
> the way I view life or even you apparently, but again, that's ok with me.
> You're ... (short useless statement about my feelings about you snipped
> here.)
>      So, Have a life Nick and I Hope it's a happy one for you,
> but you bore
> the hell out of me, specially answering emails that are nearly
> three weeks
> old now.

Sorry about that, been in Bali, snorting liquid tobacco with Ratu Bagus. No
internet. My life's happy, yes.


>     For those who've been writing about getting clean or clear using
> ibogaine lately (I did see some messages come through here in the
> last week
> or two related to that, no?), more power to you all, and I hope
> everything
> is going well for you all. Randy, I hope you're still scaring the
> straight
> folk with your new you, and to the rest of you, have a great day too.
> Peace and love,
> Preston
> "Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often
> mistaken for madness"
> Richard Davenport-Hines

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