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 Hello all
 i just has this passed on to me and thought you all may find it interesting i did a search for Gabon and came up with some great Fang Bwiti stuff. 
 Smithsonian Center for Folklife and  Cultural Heritage
announces 'Smithsonian Global Sound '

The  Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural
Heritage is
proud to announce  the launch of our highly anticipated
site, Smithsonian Global  Sound

Smithsonian Global  Sound offers digital downloads of
and sound from around the world at  a reasonable price.
site has a wealth of educational content and  downloads
accompanied by extensive liner notes.  Our goal is  to
encourage local musicians and traditions around the
planet  through
international recognition, the payment of royalties,
and support  for
regional archives.

The first track we sold was "Tarab" by Famau,  Harambee
Club from the album Music of the Waswahili of  Lamu,
Vol. 3: Secular Music--an eight and a half minute
track  of
drum, harmonium, and bongo. Some lucky person is
around  right now jamming to that track on their iPod
while reading
the liner  notes and benefitting the musicians of Lamu.
This is what Smithsonian Global  Sound is all about!
We hope you share our excitement and will support  the

Please forward this announcement to anyone and
everyone  you
know, especially to those who would be interested  in
subscriptions for educational  institutions.
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