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 Preston, just remeber if you use the barf bag to save it, we could sell it on E bay. Preston Peet's barf bag would have to be worth something.   Randy
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Hi Preston, 
about your travels...a few things that have helped me: pack your stuff at a leisurely pace way ahead of time. this way, you know that you have everything you need. 
These things might seem kinda girlie, but man they work: wear slip-on shoes--easy for airport security and for slipping off during the flight. bring a pair of soft warm cashmere socks to wear while on the plane. get one of those half-donut neck pillows [best with buckwheat on the inside, the inflatable ones work too, but they are a bit less comfortable tho easier to transport] and douse it with organic lavender oil. bring a soft eye pillow thingie [what are those called? sleep masks?]--these are enormously helpful, because they cut out all that weird light. douse that with lavender, too. if you can, get some noise canceling headphones [Bose has some for a pretty penny--make the production company buy them for you!] for all the fatiguing engine noise. Drink liter after liter after liter of water. Never stop drinking. get some evian spray for your face and spritz yourself every so often. finally, make sure you moisturize your hands and face and lips every so often--this will make you more comfortable and you will be pretty and soft when you arrive. finally, attending to all of this hilariously fussy self-comfort stuff will completely distract you from everything else going on!! 
have a great time. 
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