[Ibogaine] How long can you use Methadone before you get a habit?

Crooked Eye iboganaut420 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 10:42:36 EST 2005

Methadone takes three days, one dose a day, to to
raise your blood levels... First it goes and fills all
your organs, then it eventually raises in your
blood...  And it's half-life is much longer than
shorter acting opiates, so the withdrawal from it
lasts longer, although it might not be quite as
intense as a cold turkey heroin detox.  I tried
detoxing with methadone and it kept me from getting
sick while I was on it, but when I was done, I still
got almost as sick as with heroin.   It takes way
longer to feel better from trying to detox from
methadone, as opposed to heroin, too.  I was addicted
to methadone for 3 years and heroin for several years
before that.  Iboga has worked for me, and I am clean,
it will have been a year at the end of this month... 
Methadone I believe made it even tougher for me to
kick, and I did still have some minor WD sypmtoms
afterward, thanks to the methadone, but high quality
cannabis helped most of the depression and minor WD.

--- Hannah Clay <hannah.clay at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My friend is intending to detox from Heroin using
> Methadone short-term.  We've done this before but I
> want to know for safety's sake how long it takes to
> become addicted to Methadone?  How many days/weeks
> can you use it before you become addicted?  I
> realise you can detox from H using Meth just for 5
> days but would still like to know just in case.
> Thanks in advance,
> Hannah

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