[Ibogaine] Kate Was Great

HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Mon Mar 14 19:26:43 EST 2005

Dear Dana,

I usually object on general principals to your sharing personal email.  
However, Norma and I fondly remember Kate and were saddened by her untimely death.  
Thanks for the letter from her dad.  It brought back good memories.


In a message dated 3/14/05 10:00:12 AM, dana at phantom.com writes:

>I am frustrated because I could have saved her.
>The reason I'm reproducing the letter here though is for the background
>on the movement, Yippie and otherwise. Fraser Clark, promoter of raves
>and re-inventor of the Zippies (not the original Tom Forcade Zippies) 
>was actually on the ibogaine list pre-mindvox....
>> From: goodjefflaster at hotmail.com
>> Dear Dana..Jeff here Kate's stepdad...Hope you are reasonably 
>> well......Anniversary of kate's death on Friday March 18th(anti-Iraq
>> occupation march next day here)....she loved you  and respected you 
>> more than just about anyone else(she told me) and working with you  
>> was a highlight of her life...I'm not saying that everything was rosey
>> all the time but you gave her a lot and hopefuly she gave some in 
>> return...

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