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now getting into mathematical mystery:). the excerpt has some mistakes  
i think. if we invert the number of seconds a year has (about  
3600*24*265.25) and multiply with 2^74 we get 136,10 Hz which is c#d as  
you wrote and bluegreen but not 366 as it says in the book. (194,18  
which is half of 388,36 Hz would be a day)  how do they com up with  
  i know some people find the number 72 interesting but i´m not sure  
why. i found its 2/3 of 108 which is a magical number in india,  
representig 1vishnu, 0brahma, 8shiva or the three states of spiritual  
experience i.e. oneness/unity, emptiness and multiplicity/infinity(8  
when lying down), also 1^1*2^2*3^3 is 108 and so on.
i wonder what Archimedes Plutonium would say about this ;)
cheers ekki

Am 09.03.2005 um 16:26 schrieb Preston Peet:

>> i wonder if this could be done for the humming noise a lot of people
> hear on ibogaine.<
> maybe u sing a didgeridoo?
> I just read that their note for the Earth, the one they play to praise  
> the Earth/earth itself, they play one tuned to a note that is just  
> over c#d, which apparently is, amazingly enough considering they must  
> have come up with it scores of thousands of years ago. This is what  
> the authors of "Civilization One" have to say on the subject (authored  
> by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler) in the Conclusions to the  
> chapter titled Music and Light:
> ------
> Conclusions:
> We found that the Megalithic numbers produced circles that combined  
> the mathematical ratios known pi and phi. Both and irrational numbers  
> yet they produced resuilts that are so close to being perect to be  
> negligible. In our investigation we found that an American PhD student  
> had discovered the existence of phi in [Alexander] Thom's data back in  
> the early 19702- a fact confirmed by the great man himself when he  
> described the finding as 'magical.'
> The all-important numbers 366 and 360 are curiously linked by a  
> combination of pi and phi because 360 divided by 5 gives a result of  
> 72 and 366 divided by pi x phi also gives the resuilt of 72. This  
> suggests that the relationship between the two Megalithic numbers has  
> a fundamental resonance with these two very special rations.
> When we turned to the subject of music we found that Megalithic  
> mathematics produces its own structure. Sound is mormally measured in  
> cycles per modern second, known as hertz. (Hz),  but we considered  
> using cycles per Megalithic Second, which we called Thoms (Th). A  
> frequency of 366 Th is the same as 366 Hz, which places our Megalithic  
> note just slightly above C sharp in modern concern tuning. This is  
> effectively thge 'found of the Earth turning' because the planet  
> reoatates at a rate of one Megalithic Yard per beat at the equator.
> We found the indigenous Australians consider a didgeridoo with a note  
> equal to 366 Th capable of creating sacred Earth music. Further  
> investigation of other indigenous music also revealed Megalithic  
> rhythm and pitch corespondences. It appears that there is an  
> instinctive rtelationship between the rotating mass of the planet and  
> human music. It mayu indeed have been the 'involuntary' sense that the  
> mystic and mathematician Pythagoras came to call 'the harmony of the  
> spheres.'
> When we looked at human sight we found that the visible part of the  
> electomagnetic spectrum forms an octave rather like music. What is  
> more, if we move exactly 40 octvaes up the frequency scale from a note  
> of 366 TH we got to blue light. While nearly all scientists believe  
> that light and sound and not connected, we tentatively feel that there  
> might be a resonance between the two that is picked up by human  
> perception.
> ----
> Personally, if there's anything I've ever taken that put me in touch  
> with what I might consider an Earth spirit realm of some kind, I'd  
> have to say it was ibogaine (and mushrooms and mescaline too- but  
> ibogaine really, really put me into a state of utter weirdness full of  
> what I can only describes as many other places right here in my room  
> and head but not. Earth spirit realms, to get all mumbojumbo sounding.  
> The ibogaine root grows in earth, of the Earth itself, and so I tend  
> to subscribe to the personal notion that substances like ibogaine,  
> mushrooms, peyote, and all the other plant-based trippifiers really  
> could be the link, the key to allow us communications with the Earth  
> it/her/himself, the key that unlocks our minds to the language of the  
> planet we live on- and those who outlaw those substances are  
> embodiements of the literal dark force, the black evil destuctive side  
> of things, the ones who will pave over the Earth and cut us off from  
> all those modes of communication allowing us to actually commune  
> directly with the spirits of the planet and other spaces too all  
> around us.
>    Wow, I sound stoned, and I'm nott....really all that stoned. It's  
> all residuals,,,that's it, that's the ticket.
> Peace and love,
> Preston
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> often mistaken for madness"
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> Am 09.03.2005 um 03:14 schrieb Preston Peet:
>> Queens of the Stone Age have a song on their Desert Sessions record  
>> #5-6, called Teens of Thailand, which begins with a sound effect that  
>> in headphones played loud literally sounds exactly like a huge hit of  
>> iv cocaine.
>> The first few times I heard it it would take me by surprise and I'd  
>> be hit with that feeling of "holy shit I know that sound...oh yeah,  
>> and I know where from too."
> hi Preston, thanks for the hint and the writing was cool, too. i´m
> sucking "teens" at the moment.
> i wonder if this could be done for the humming noise a lot of people
> hear on ibogaine.
> -ekki
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