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Hey K,

The long term use of any type of speed I have observed (brother) is 
seeing things that other people cannot see. My brother thought that people 
trying to kill him,..including seeing police cars and fire engines trying to 
run him
of the road in broad daylight(wasn't happening).

My brother is normally a very sain man, a realist you could say. He would 
past my place and call me,..he would say, "look in the tree outside your 
there is a cable car in the tree with Mormans in it, they are watching 
you".He thought
the mormans also were trying to kill him.

He started carrying mirrors with him as he thought that people where beaming 
with lasers and hurting his heart,..he would sit there with the mirrors 
looking behind him
all the time, trying to deflect the "electric beams".

He would ring me in the middle of the night absolutley terrified 
saying,"there is about
fifty ninja's on my roof, they want to kill me,I would go there and of 
course there was not
ever anything there, he could not be told, he truly believed it.

This was after about 2 years of speed /ice use, the last year he used 
heavely and this is
when the hallucinations got really bad.

He has not used speed for almost a year now and is almost back to normal. 
His thyroid
gland is still not quite right as are a few other things, he is healing 
though, getting better.
He still thinks that people like the mormans want to kill him, he just does 
not see them
as much now.

I believe Ibogaine can help as it seems to deal with some of the underlying 
issues of why
the drug use is necessary. Eg; My oldest brother started using speed heavily 
after my other
brother was murdered whilst working,..my older brother did not want to be 
here any more
neither did I, we found it hard to handle. When I took Iboga I saw my 
brother, the one that
was killed and he was fine,...more than fine,...he spoke to me with his eyes 
and liqued light
it was beautiful, my heart was refilled with the love that I lost when I 
lost him. In this way
at least,..I think Iboga' can help. It will heal most of the hurt,..give you 
understanding, it
made life lighter for me.

I hope this helps.


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> Hi folks,
> New to the list. I'm wondering if you have noticed certain subtle but 
> long-term effects of meth use: most particularly  the lack of empathy, 
> and the inability to sort of "get with" one's own emotions as well. If 
> you have witnessed this in yourself or others, is it possible to get 
> these abilities back? Will Ibogain help with that?

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