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Submit an Experience Report

We are looking for well written reports that could
help others who find themselves in similar situations.
In addition to trip reports, we're looking for
experiences with other forms of mind-altering
activities such as yoga, meditation, and substance

We are specifically looking for reports that describe
more than just a list of activities that you engaged
in...we are looking for descriptions of mindset,
physicial and mental effects of a substance,
intentions, insights, problems, etc. If this is a
description of an experience with a psychoactive plant
or chemical, we are more likely to use it if it
includes the following type of information:

    * Description of Mindset & Setting
    * Details of any preparations made for the
    * Dosage & Timing Information
    * Notes on prescription or over-the-counter
medications, herbs or supplements you were taking at
the time of the experience.
    * Something more than a description of how fucked
up you were or what cool patterns you saw. 

Not all reports are approved and displayed. Each
report eventually goes through a review process to
select for readability and usefulness. We receive more
than two dozen submissions a day and the average
report takes more than six months to be reviewed. Some
reports are read more quickly, and some reports even
older than that are still awaiting review. Please be
patient. We are beta-testing a new system to improve
the speed of review (Dec 2004).

Suggested Title :
If you are a
registered author,
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Name / Pseudonym :
Substance(s) :
Dose :
Body Weight :
Gender :
Year of Experience :
Report :
Email :

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Copyrights: By submitting this experience report to
Erowid you are granting permission for the report to
be used on Erowid.org, in promotional literature, and
in both electronic & print publications of Erowid's
choosing. Changes may be made to clarify the text,
remove identifying details, correct errors, or
implement other editorial decisions. Whenever reports
are used, credit will be given to the author.

Please consider carefully before submitting this
Experience Report. If selected, all information will
be publicly displayed. 

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> Beautufully told.
> Howard

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