ot: congrats to Preston

Steven Anker stevenanker at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 22:51:25 EST 2005


Congratulations! Really ? You? Playing a junkie?

Casting for type  as we say.

It would be a pleasure, no an honor, to suck your dick when you come to LA. 
WAIT! I’ve read what you’re on. Wouldn’t you have  trouble getting it up? 
Well, an honor none the less.

I’ll teach you yoga, feed you a few steaks and get you tanned up. You will 
feel and look great. Unfortunately the producers hate the new you, you loose 
everything and become another bum on the street with failed acting  dreams. 
Show-biz, babe.

Glad to know that you are such a shill for the man that you would surpress 
such a story as Dana involve in a high-speed police chase in NM with a 
crazed Indian at the wheel. Perhaps a job for you in the White House press 
corps. “Mr. President, how do you do it, you look great!” Come on, this is 
comedy?! This is Hunter! Why no possession? He ate it. Now in NM possession 
for under an oz is a petty misdemeanor, a ticket. So his big crime was 
eating it. Comedy is often not pretty. Of course I don’t know what happened, 
but I held you in such high journalistic regard before this.

An old dope-fiend buddy wrote me this about Hunter:

Of course, what fool with a whit of creative talent and a taste for 
talent-obscuring intoxicants doesn't mourn the loss of HST?  He gave us all 
the excuse we needed to get as fucked up as possible in hopes that the 
answers were on the other side of that tunnel, and if not, at least we'd 
enjoy the spelunking. Remember - everything HST did from about 1983 til 
about 1999 sucked.  And now look, he's getting the Ronald Reagan"greatest 
man in history" treatment.

Peace and for once I’ll be getting some real love from you Preston,

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