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Sweetie, PLEASE don't use valium more than you have to.  I have seen a woman try to come off those things, and it wasn't pretty.  If you think opiates are hard to detox from, benzos are a veritable nightmare- we're talking seizures, blackouts and the whole she-bang.

I know it sounds cliche, but having a well-balanced diet has REALLY helped me with anxiety and stress.  Just last night, and upon my provider's recommendation, I made Chicken Jambalaya, with tons of veggies, brown/wild rice and yummy spices.  For hours after we ate it, my boyfriend and I couldn't stop giggling and flirting...it felt like a natural high, as does organic dark chocolate, Chai tea, and fruit smoothies with gingko biloba.  There is a great organic chocolate bar with small pieces of ginger in it- oh my god, girl, you gotta try it!

Please email me offlist if you ever wanna chat..thinking of you, babe...


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